The Committee
Rafael von Bannisseht
Rafael, the chairman with a motto learned in the army: “You have to hurry if you have time then you have time when you're in a hurry”. Every meeting he runs the show with his presentations including powerful metaphors. His gained experience in the army is valuable for the committee; he is strict but fair and makes sure everybody does their tasks at the right time. While playing basketball Rafael likes to play pick and roll so he can show his own "roof tile rolling" technique.

During the tournament you can find Rafael lying on the ground in his army sleeping bag inspecting the ceiling. When you need Rafael at that time just say “Stop LPI” and he will stand up immediately to help you.
Daniel Rutten
Our homegrown Air Force corporal commando infantry in training paratrooper D. Rutten a.k.a wolfmann. Daniel, Daniel never changes. Or does he. Daniel has changed! Did he? The answer is: no! Unless it is yes. No! Off course he did! It's Daniel. yes!.. no! Yes..? feels confused already? I certainly do, you now have an idea how it is to live with this 7 feet, 6 inch; big heart­ed, live coaching and mysterious man.

Or do you?

No, you don’t!

Unless you do.

Our secretary works in mysterious ways, not only behind the desk but also in the field. bring your goggles and notebook to see how he clears the battlefield underneath the rim and paints the target for a precision laser guided post up.

feel excited/confused? you sure should!
Niki Versteeg
You smell that? I love the smell of a party which lasts until the morning, it smells like victory! Everyone knows that a basketball match at an IT doesn’t stop after 4 quarters, the most important part starts in the fifth quarter. With Niki as our party commissioner we are assured of some parties until the morning where, after a long day of losing at the court, you can win at the dance floor.

Taking a year off to travel Niki has experienced parties all around the world and will use this battle hardened experience to blow you away during both parties. Having experienced a Niki party first hand in her very own fortress in the center of Delft I can assure you that it is something where you can contract PPSD (Post Party Stress Disorder) and a nice hangover to start your first games with.

On the court a beast for the rebound, underneath the disco ball a beast with some gnarly dance moves. If you have the chance, ask Niki during the party about her mean break dance routine or challenge her for a dance off if you are really ambitious. With these moves, party experience and a good appetite for some drinks we are assured of two epic parties by Niki to complete your tournament.
Xandra van Megen
Having already organized IT15, Xandra is our battle hardened veteran and now in charge of our valuable money supply line a.k.a. treasurer. Xandra, or rather Xandraak (which roughly translates into Xandragon)has been a punch comrade for 4 years and thus she knows the reelin’ and deelin’ of such a major bbal invasion.

Being on the frontline in Punch Ladies 2 AND Ladies 1 she has gathered lots of valuable intel for our IT 18 invasion. Equipped with a lightning fast shot and unlimited lucky shots Xandragon will be a threat for every opposing defender out there and with the girls +1 rule she’s a big deal and may be our secret weapon during IT 18.

Though thought tough as nails in the field, outside the court she has a weak spot for clueless stories, boys and of course stroopwafels. If you’ve got a story to tell, make sure to tell it to Xandragon, she might even give you a piece of her stroopwafel...
Mats Ricke
As his sharp-shooting, talented companion, it is an honour for me to introduce to you: Private Mats Ricke!

He is neither smart like Captain John H Miller nor talented like Kobe Bryant, but he sure knows how to provide food and drinks! Private Matsoe is the big-hearted comrade of the company and your first contact person for whatever complaints you might have. While he might not be able to solve them, he has a special talent for beating around the bush and dodging responsibilities.

If you are lucky on the court, you might witness one of his heart breaking fights for the rebound and see his fear-filled look for a passing option. “Matsoe, no matter how deeply you struggle – you’ll find me at the three-point line. Love, Timon”
Timon Busse
Alright privates settle down I hereby introduce NCO Timon 'Die Blunderbusse' Busse – our game commissioner! Recently transferred from der Wehrmacht after an awkward rifle cleaning incident, I can promise you that he's the best of the worst in the business. Charming his way into our hearths with his goofy smile Timon's effieciency­inspired­by­laziness is essential to the tactics of saving private Bryant.

Are you missing a referee or a scorekeeper? Are the standings wrong? Feeling homesick? Timon's you man. Did someone travel like JaVale or screen like a Monstar? Timon will read them das Protokoll. need to get a rebound? Then uh.. well.. we've got people for that too.

On the court you'll fin Timon hanging around the three point line waiting to receive the ball want him to drive to the basket. You'll have to gibe him your car keys, because this is a man who takes the car to class despite living on campus. But find him open on the perimeter, and die Blunderbusse might just make our game... commissioner
Toon Nieboer
Sergeant Toon „The­Open­Door" Nierboer aka Heisenberg, brings something new, yet somewhat familiar to this tournament. The defense never calls the screen, for the same reason why no one ever kicked in an open door. Our very own Heisenberg always is the one who knocks, because no one else will have to. The same holds true for off the court: No matter what bothers you, his door is always open and he will use his cheeky smile and conditioned beard to charm you into forgetting your problems.

If you can’t find him, maybe he is the one in the chicken suit. A guilty pleasure the Punch general can’t resist, and one might think it somewhat undermines his authority. However, comrades like Toon have a beard for a reason: It is the easiest way to say „I am in charge“.
Stephan Balvert
If you see someone happily jumping and running around during the battle, it is probably him! This board member of Punch keeps the energy level of the team high and therefore conquer every obstacle. As the activities commissioner of Punch he is first in line to join Punch events, but not the last one that leaves.. Last year he had to give up early during one of the IT parties because to many drinks blurred this view. Instead of ending in the basecamp, he ended on the stairs of Sport and Culture Centre, mission failed. But luckily for him, coming IT there will be amazing parties again.

This IT he is trying to be sharper. When he survives this year’s party and returns safely to the basecamp, he is definitely capable of surviving future challenges.