It is a mixed tournament which means each team has to have at least two girls as there is a minimum requirement of two girls per team on the court during all of the games.

Prices for this year are 45 euros per player. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation and entrance to two awesome parties are included!

You will make camp in the hall on the basketball courts, so you will need to bring something soft to sleep on and a sleeping bag, standard military issue itchy blankets will not be handed out so bring your own! You will have dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and a breakfast on Sunday, you can buy snacks at location. Also on Friday and Saturday evening we have an epic party for you in store. The entire experience will last from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. Registration is at 17.00 on Friday, so make sure you’re there. Once you enter the building all will be self-explanatory.

It will be held at the Sportcentrum of the TU Delft.

Mekelweg 8
2628 CD Delft

Dear participant,

Once you have successfully registered for the tournament our committee will personally evaluate your registration form. Once processed we will send you an email with payment details. Note that the deadline for the payment is within the registration deadline failure to comply will result in being unsubscribed from the tournament. The costs are 45,­ euro per person in your team. It is not possible to pay separately the entire amount must be transferred at once!